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The Solar Exchange 

Our Story

Before there was solar, Matt Hamilton worked literally from the ground up as a landscape contractor during the 80s laboring in city parks, custom home properties, and school grounds in Mesa. Business was solid until the economic downturn in 86 and 87. After the stock market crash, companies stopped paying their bills including a large school contract that was the bulk of Matt’s business. Without the school payments Matt had difficulties meeting his obligations but was okay until the energy company suddenly came and turned off his water and power. Being at the mercy of the big energy company was a bitter pill for Matt to swallow, so he vowed to never let that happen again to him or anyone else.

Matt honed what he called his rudimentary electrical skills and persisted until he earned a residential and commercial electrician’s license. He moved up to the White Mountains settling into a modest trailer in 1989 where he began his life-long journey of pioneering into the solar industry which was in its infancy. From those early days, Matt discovered how to live and help others live free and totally off grid without the constraints of a big energy company.  

After 33 years of learning and building his solar expertise in the White Mountains, Matt has helped thousands of people gain energy independence by simply sharing all he has learned. With his team at The Solar Exchange they are on a mission to help anyone who wants to go solar to do so their way avoiding the many pitfalls that can happen.


The Solar Exchange Vision

A world where anyone can become energy independent.



Customized plans for off-grid living


Build battery expertise


Help every customer climb the ladder of energy independence


Break out load installation


Create an ongoing relationship with every customer by knowing them and their energy needs


Not one and done groups…we are looking for independence and ongoing relationship


Provide confidence for people in the future



We are always searching to provide the best solutions.


We are in it for the long haul so people can count on us.


We help others take control through education and training.


We tell it how it is, even if it leads someone to go elsewhere.


We make sure to do things right or we’ll make it right.

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